Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Shoes, New Workouts, Same Goals

Ok everyone so its been a couple of weeks since I posted and I have to say, i have been a wee bit slack, without being awful with my training.

Since we last spoke I have tried to keep away from running as much as possible (I think I have run twice in the last two weeks) while trying to keep up some form of cardio. This has been difficult.

With looking after my little man Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evenings when Mama On The Move is working its a bit of a struggle to go to my box fit classes, i try to go to at least one a week but feel it is just not enough. I have also tried to incorporate some high intensity weight training in to my weekly routine to get the heart rate up. Im doing a really good 15 min complex barbell set at the moment with 30secs rest between each circuit lasting around 4mins.( Complex routine explained at the bottom of post)

I feel this is serving me ooookkkk but i do miss my running and am lokoing forward to getting back out there.

Keeping with the running theme I went to the Podiatrist this morning to discuss what options I have for my Illiotibial Band Syndrome, He has given me a series of stretches to do 4 times a day and has ordered me to completely stop runnning for two weeks, go to physio, and he is fitting me with orthotics, hopefully this will get me back up and running so to speak.

I also purchased some new running shoes to help with my running issues as my other ones were fairly well spent. I got a great pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's (Pic below) that give me huge amounts of arch support and along with the orthotics will go along way to reducing injuries in the future.

Complex Workout
For anyone who is interested here is the 15min Barbell Complex Workout - Its tough I promise you!

Do every exercise for 30secs then without stopping move on to the next exercise. After you have completed all the exercises rest for 30 secs before going again. Complete the circuit 4 times.

1) Barbell Curls - 30sec
2) Barbell Squats - 30sec
3) Barbell Lunges - 30sec
4) Barbell Bentover Rows - 30sec
5) Overhand Barbell Curls - 30sec
6) Barbell Shoulder Press - 30sec

Rest 30sec.......Repeat three more times.

N.B. I use a 12kg bar. If you want to make it extra tough I add in 30 secs of push ups in between the Lunges and Rows, when I do that I rest for 45secs in between circuits.

So thats pretty well me for the minute team, some stresses but nothing I cant work through, I promise to upload some progress pictures early next week and post more regularly!

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  1. Hi! I'm checking up on everyone I follow today. I hope you are treating yourself well and sticking with your fitness plan.

    :-) Marion